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the history 

Marca Toro S.p.A. was established in November 1956 by Mr. Luano Senesi, actual President of the company, to produce, from the beginning, leather bends for soles, heels and heel-covers, through a tanning process named “slow (or “in pull”) vegetable Tannage”.

During the years gradual and continuous improvements have been made: in the quality of the leather, refining of their tanning engineering, though still respecting the “old Tuscan tan tradition”, and by a selection in the chestnut extracts used; in the processed raw hides, leaving the cheaper origins (South-Africa) used in the first period of life, to pass to East European raw hides in the ‘80s and to use only raw hides coming from the best French slaughter-houses (Brittany) since the second half of ‘90s.

In the production volumes, by a new modern plant, located in the “Romaiano” industrial area, that has allowed Marca Toro S.p.A. since 1980 to increase in quantity produced and to apply new technologies available in the tanning industry.
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